Framed Vintage Maps from Royale Maps: An Exploration of History.

Framed Vintage Maps from Royale Maps: An Exploration of History.

Royale Maps presents...

A collection of Framed Vintage Maps that offers a window into the past. Each framed map goes beyond traditional decor, providing an opportunity to connect with historical narratives. Explore the carefully curated maps that capture the essence of bygone eras and the stories of exploration that shaped our world!

Willem Barentsz' landmark map of the Arctic region.

Discovering Timeless Narratives: These maps serve as visual testaments to the explorers and adventurers of the past, allowing viewers to trace their journeys and relive the tales of discovery and adventure. The historical narratives embedded in each framed vintage map provide a unique perspective on the landscapes of centuries gone by.

World map with Southern and Northern hemisphere projections by Joan Blaeu.

The Artistic Fusion.

Witness the blending of craftsmanship and historical significance in our carefully framed vintage map canvas. Each frame is made from FSC ash wood and selected to complement the aesthetic appeal of the map, creating a harmonious fusion of visual and historical elements. Our maps represents more than simple decor; it embodies a sophisticated expression of history, a perfect gift.

 Map re-print of Joan Blaeu's ornate new World Map: Nova et accuratissima totius terrarum orbis tabula ("New and most accurate map of the whole world")

Our frames are chosen not only for their utilitarian function but also for their elegance. Our box-frames offer a gap between the frame and the map which adds depth and intrigue to the overall presentation, creating an immersive experience.

Why Choose Royale Maps for Framed Vintage Maps?

  1. Historical Authenticity: Immerse yourself in the best maps that authentically capture historical cartography.
  2. Curated Narratives: Explore carefully curated maps that transport you to different epochs, providing a genuine connection to the world's past.
  3. Quality Craftsmanship: From the maps to our frames, each element is selected to ensure longevity and visual appeal.
This is one special "map" from the past. Dr Orlando Ferguson illustrated this map in 1893 to support his firm belief that the Earth was flat and square!

Explore the history embedded in Royale Maps' Framed Vintage Maps, transcending traditional decor and offering an opportunity to connect with the stories that shaped our world. Choose a piece that resonates with your interest in history, and let the allure of Framed Vintage Maps bring a historical touch to your living space.

Carta Marina, a map of Scandinavia drawn by Swedish ecclesiast Olaus Magnus, published by Antonio Lafreri in Rome in 1572.

Purchase your piece of history today and redefine your connection with the past!

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