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Hours of fun and interactive learning !

A Unique World Map For Kids

Search and learn!

Over 250 animals are waiting to be discovered by little explorers.
Equipped with their “World Bestiary” booklet PDF, they’ll dive into the rich diversity of the world, hunting for beasts whilst learning about continents, oceans, latitudes, longitudes and earth’s biomes.

The Globe Spotter fun world map is as unique as it is beautiful.

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Locate and draw animals of the world.

This children’s world map stimulates creativity by promoting some clever animal sketching.
Some animals are well hidden on the world map and these elusive beasts will require using latitudes and longitudes to be found.  
When the animal in question is located on the world map, it can be recorded in the “World Bestiary” booklet downloadable PDF that comes free with every map.

A FUN (learning) WORLD MAP

The Globe Spotter world map was designed to educate children in a fun way. These are all the things they will learn with our children’s world map.

  • 1. Continents

    The animal search is organised by continents. By finding the animals on their world map, children will effortlessly familiarise themselves with the continents of the world.

  • 2. Oceans & Seas

    The oceans and seas on the world map hide over 100 aquatic animals, by using their explorer booklet and locating these marine creatures, children will get to know the Ocean.

  • 3. Countries

    Every country is numbered and on the map, although this is not a geopolitical map. Countries are listed in 6 cartouches which are divided by continents and colour coded.

  • 4. Latitudes & longitudes

    Latitudes and longitudes and clearly indicated on the world map. The “World Bestiary” explorer booklet invites children to use latitudes and longitudes to find and locate animals.

  • 5. Biomes

    There are seven cartouches on the top left corner of the world map. They list every biome and give a simplified explanation on what these are. Biomes are also colour coded and illustrated on the world map.

  • 6. Animals

    There are over 200 animals dissimulated in the world map and every hidden animal is listed in the “World bestiary” with and interesting fact about it to help children remember those animals.


Jarod, 13 years old, researched the animals whilst mum drew the world map…

2019-2020 has been different, forcing many of us to stay home and revisit how to make good use of our time. This world map is the result of some geography / biology / IT homeschooling, the stifled desire to travel and the need to “do” something meaningful and creative whilst in lockdown. Our Globe Spotter world map project took a year to complete and we’re very proud of it. 

Our wish is for our world map to inspire children to want to go out there and discover the wonderful world we live in. For real.

A World Map Designed For Your Kid's Bedroom.

Children deserve the best world map and this is it. 
Drawn with beautiful and intricate details, it will feed their imagination and curiosity in a grand way. 


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