Collection: Soul Maps

Soul Maps are guides for a life filled with purpose. They highlight the forgotten parts of us that want to flow and shine through effortlessly. The parts we have stifled and that want to want to be heard, acknowledged and celebrated.

DREAM. DO. LOVE. TRUST. A compass to find purpose.

DREAM: Allow yourself to dream because inspiration lies beyond the dream. Stuff that comes from that place of non-resistance moves forward with force to lead you to action.

DO: The dream comes first, but action must follow for the dream to be. Forward movement is our natural state.

LOVE: We give the best of ourselves when we love. 

TRUST: Our part is to dream, love and do, after that comes grace. To trust in life, in grace, is an important part of our journey. There is only so much we can control and we acknowledge the role of chance, coincidence, luck — whatever you want to call it —  in our journey.