From Maps to Biology?

From Maps to Biology?

It's not such a huge leap. Really.

Maps delineated geographical discoveries, biology illustrations delineated zoological discoveries. So why not draw some biological art too?

After helping out at the Mega Tank event organised by the Manx Wildlife Trust, I really wanted to share what I had learned with more than the hundreds of people who came to see us during that weekend. The Irish Sea rockpools abound with life and if you look hard I promise you'll find some truly wacky creatures.

However, it isn't always easy to identify what you have found, and sometimes hard to leave your find behind...  So, for those reasons, and to make your home only more beautiful, I am drawing a series of plates about the creatures found around the Irish Sea's shores and rocky beaches.

I finished working on my first sheet a couple of weeks back, had Lara, the Marine Biologist at the MWT, double check the accuracy of the information gathered and off to print it went. 

The first test print arrived today, and I am happy with it.

It is of Decapods. Two versions exist, colored or black and white.

I hope you enjoy.

Catherine x

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