Butterfly season is here!

Butterfly season is here!

It's that time of year again, longer days, life rising from the ground up, daffodils bringing some much-needed warmth with their vibrant yellows and... fluttering butterflies.

This year, four species of butterflies require our attention: the wall, the comma, the holly blue, and the orange-tip. Butterflies might not be as efficient pollinators as bees but they do it in a different way and travel great distances which helps the genetic variation of plants.

They can share pollen between different groups of flowers that are sometimes miles apart. With the decline of the bee population, it is even more important that we keep track of them. Butterflies are also a great indicator of changes in an ecosystem.

Butterflies have the particularity of reacting quickly to the slightest changes in their environment. They can, therefore, be a good and early indicator that something isn't right.

We are delighted to join our efforts with the Manx Wildlife Trust's butterfly spotting campaign. The card designed by us will be sent out to the Manx public in the next few weeks. It will help you identify the four species that the Wildlife Trust needs to list. So guys, get out there with your butterfly spotting hats on!

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